My Story. Your Journey To Self Love.

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon in 1983… I can’t remember the exact date, not even the month… but I will NEVER forget what I experienced that day.

I was there for a simple ankle surgery that should have taken no more than 30 minutes. I would be awake the entire time, and would only be numb from the waist down.

What could go wrong?  

But as I was filling out paperwork (signing away my life), I felt a pinch in my gut. I wasn’t sure what it meant, so I just brushed it off as pre-surgery jitters.

As the nurse inserted the spinal anesthetic into my back, I could slowly feel the bottom half of my body going numb. Everything was going great until about 25 minutes in, when the anesthetic started to move up my torso…

Instantly, the doctor called in their “Code Team”, a group of doctors who specialize in emergency life saving techniques.

The anesthetic had gone to high…. It put my heart and lungs to sleep.

They tried as hard as they could to save me, and they did… I’m alive! But unfortunately, my brain didn’t get enough oxygen and I experienced brain swelling, or cerebral edema. They didnt know if I would live, and if I did, how well my brain would function.

Dancing With Divinity

As the room faded away, I felt a “lightness” come over me. It felt as if I was floating, and everything was at peace.

I realized that I was no longer connected to the the solid material world that we call “reality”... I was one with all; Expansive, connected and floating on a cloud of pure unconditional love.

This place, that wasn’t really a “place” at all… enveloped me with pure love essence.

I was so small in comparison to the “oneness” that I was experiencing, like standing beside an ocean... Yet, I was one with it all… infinitely connected.

We are love, We are all one... Like a drop of water that is apart of a waterfall.

I didn’t care what was happening with my body… I was home. I was liquid light, liquid love that was floating in the vastness of the universe.  In the fullness of love, nothing else exists.

The experience of separation is an illusion.

It was the most beautiful moment I have ever experienced, because this was the moment I woke up to my divinity… to my souls true calling.

Not only was I coming back to earth, I was going to rise as a Phoenix from the ashes… and I’m bringing YOU with me!

The fact that you are here reading this, means that you have received an invitation from Spirit/God/Universe to dance… So be brave, my dear.

It’s Time To Reawaken

I am limitless, you are too.

My near-death experience woke me up to the realization that we are divine beings having a human experience.

While I was floating in “heaven” as we might call it, I realized that it was my soul’s calling to awaken others to their own inner intelligence… to their true state of abundance.

I can see the pure soul within you that wants to express itself… that wants to create and live in the moment. I see the beautiful being who fully accepts and loves herself, without fear or judgement...

I see you.

I can help you see through the pain that clouds your perspective, and find the passion that lies beneath it… I have been through many dark nights in my life, and I know the way out - into the light.

I can lead you to the light, to your transformation.

Your Inner Child Rising

As children, we inherently knew that anything we could ever need was already there waiting for us.

We were blind to the “3D reality” that surrounds us. We still knew in our core that the Universe/God will provide. We understand that love can conquer all, and that we are taken care of.

But it’s up to you to reclaim your inner child, and find your bliss.

I would like to invite you on a journey of Rebirth. A journey where we shed the layers of tar and toxins that have formed around your heart from years of “Spiritual Smoking.”

The only way you will ever feel complete and whole… is to take a journey within. You must learn to completely love and accept yourself, unconditionally. Only YOU can fill that “hole” within you, it’s an inside job.

Self-love will let you feel fulfilled and truly happy to be alive. Only then will everything fall into place.

Have Compassion For Your Journey…

By accepting what is, while having compassion for your past… freedom will automatically happen. It’s about taking responsibility for your life without blaming, and learning to dance with your shadow… or even embrace it!

Step-by-step, I will guide you to find your wholeness again. It DOES take time to get there, but

as a Phoenix from the ashes, you will rise.  

Imagine walking away with a sense of knowing who you really are at your core… Imagine reigniting that fire within, that you thought went out years ago.

It’s time to remember what it feels like to be whole and happy within yourself, to feel connected to your heart and your soul.

If you feel like you’re sitting in complete darkness right now, or you don’t know what your next steps are... Then it’s time to walk towards the light.

It’s time to step into the next phase of your soul’s growth.

Your Transformation

Transition is not easy, it takes time to find the gifts as your new life emerges from the old. I can help you clear the mud of what no longer works, and guide you to find your own purpose.

I will show you how to follow the voice of love within, that will lead you out of the darkness.

That voice you hear is your soul, sometimes speaking as your inner child, and she has always been there. The moment you reconnect with her, is the moment you will free yourself of judgement.

I see you in your true abundant nature and will help you see it too. I’ve personally come out of the mud, and I will teach you all that I’ve learned.  
I understand that the journey in front of you seems overwhelming right now, butyour ONLY responsibility is to take it one step at a time… I will help guide you to your bliss and true divine nature, step-by-step.

Your Next Steps...

If this resonates with your soul, and you’re ready to make a change...

Then I’d like to invite you to Book a FREE 20-Minute coaching call with me.

During the call we will discuss:

  • What does the “abundant you” look and feel like

  • What is and isn’t working in your life?

  • How to reconnect with your inner child, and reclaim your true abundant self (how I can help you)