Welcome Home

My name is Joan Hoedel, and I am SO happy we have found each other… you’re finally home.

I truly believe that the right people are put in front of you at the right time… and this is YOUR time.

You are a DIVINE BEING, and I have made it my mission to awaken you to your inner intelligence… to your authentic self…  to your true state of abundance.

I see the pure soul within you that wants to express itself… that wants to create and live in the moment.

I see the beautiful being who fully accepts and loves herself, without fear or judgement.

I see you...

Are you ready to let go of your past hurts, and take the first step towards your transformation?

Here’s How I Can Help You

90-Minute Intensive

Are you ready to make a transition in your life, but you feel that you need guidance to get there?

I understand what if feels like to lose sight of who you want to be… we get so caught up in our careers and family.

But it’s time to make your self love, growth and happiness your priority!

If you’re interested in working 1:1 with me, but you want clarity on your major issues, blocks and the path to reach your goals FIRST… then the 90 Minute intensive is for you.

During our call we will discover:

  • Your vision of the type of person you want to be… your higher self

  • Your blocks to happiness

  • The step-by-step strategy to get you to where you want to be

You will walk away with clarity, and concrete steps to move forward.

1:1 Intuitive Coaching

Do you want to heal your inner child and rekindle the fire within you? Do you feel you need support in a major life transition?

I would like to invite you on a journey of Rebirth...

If you want to feel complete and whole again, like you did as a child… then you must learn to completely love and accept yourself, unconditionally.

Maybe you want clarity on your future, or you’re in the middle of a life transition and you don’t know who to turn to...

I can help you heal, see the bigger picture and guide you to your inner light.
My 1:1 clients are hand-picked through application ONLY.
Please book your FREE 20 minute Strategy Call to see if we’re a good fit.